My love for movement started at a young age. I was a sick child with severe allergies & debilitating asthma. I remember being told that I would never be able to play sports or partake in any strenuous activity due to the weakness in my lungs.  

This statement is where my passion for movement and fitness began.

As a child, I started to choreograph dance routines  & performances for my parents. They signed me up for gymnastics, dance & cheerleading. I continued this throughout my childhood but stopped when I reached high school.


Married and 3 beautiful little girls later, I started to long for that passion again. I lost that part of who I was and was not sure how to find it. Feeling overweight and insecure after the birth of my 3rd daughter, I walked inside of my first yoga class.

This class infused dance with yoga and I immediately connected. My love for connecting my body with music quickly came back.


I received my 200 hour Registered yoga teacher certification and have been teaching multiple fitness classes a week since. Stepping out of my comfort zone and attending that first yoga class catapulted me back into my passion. It also was just the beginning of my fitness journey. Since then, I have created 2 of my own formats.


I love to create & move my body freely to music. I want to share with women the beauty of movement in our bodies and the ability to embrace it without shame. Once you find that confidence within yourself, all of your relationships flourish, including the one with yourself. Health and fitness are important but it’s also important to figure out why. Your journey starts from within. Allow me to show you how to get the confidence and happiness you crave through movement.

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